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#8 is my favorite...

I think folks (especially in the MSM) have lost sight of the line that seperates the "4th Estate" from the "5th Column".

But, for fear of giving away my age, I do not believe that the media is or should be the message!

Happy new year.

Peace and all good,




I mispelled my URL the first time. This thing just does not type like my old clanky Remington!

Kermit :)

Alexander Wolfe

Okay...well, I was sorta with you until you referred to DeLay as an "innocent man." The dude's not "innocent", whether or not he's convicted of a crime, and don't think that, given the Abramoff fallout, this'll be the only court room he sees in the near future.



I am a lawyer, and I used the word "innocent" in a technical sense (i.e. Delay did not do the precise crime of which he is charged) rather than a Biblical sense.

As to whether he might be guilty of other stuff, well he probably is. In my opinion, most everyone over the age of 35 has committed a felony, if we look long enough and hard enough. But while some prosecutors might buy into "well, if he didn't do what we are charging, he must be guilty of something" rationalizations, I was never one of them.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

Robert P.

Slightly unrelated but what may be seen as the biggest TV screw up in 2006, Letterman's Bill O'Reilly interview where Letterman refused to answer questions posed by O'Reilly and in the end said "I think 60% of the stuff you've said is crap." Don't know how he came up with that figure but apparently accoring to Letterman, Ciindy Sheenan is a hero (despite what her own family says), we shouldn't be in Iraq in the first place and we shouldn't have relied on the intel of the most powerful nations on Earth we should have just trusted Saddam. Does anyone think that he lost a lot of viewers after he gave a very hostile interview? I'm betting a lot of O'Reilly fans, and moderate Republicans and Democrats were tuning in not to mention anyone who likes a decent interview. Those people are hopefully not going to be watching anymore. I for one am not. Never thought I would say this but I'm back to Leno.

By the way I've really enjoyed this blog over the past 2 years I have been reading it and my fiance has been reading it more and more too. I just got ticked at Dave tonight and I felt like venting. I did love, however, how Dave masterfully dodged answering a question by asking "why are we even there?" Very sad tactic.

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