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a better knowledge of football than you

All i have to say is that the T.O is the best football player to ever put on an eagles jersey. Better than all of the greats to ever play for the eagles better than nameth,cunningham, mcnabb, dawkins, trotter, kearse, the weirdo on espn and who ever you can think of. His abality to play with such a controled rage on the field places him above even jerry rice who is considered the best to ever play the postion but clearly he isnt even in the top five any more. Numbers don't lie they can't and stats show that T.O dominates NFL cornerbacks safteys and linebackers(he beat up hugh douglas enough said) If it weren't for the media morbit fixaction on anything t.o we wouldn't be in this postion. and you say well he did this to him self and i agree, but all he did was hurt someone feelings. and in a game of football feelings are the last thing anyone cares about. its wins stats and money. not in that order. Mcnabbs feelings werent hurt neither were reids. it is the president of the eagles who is crying like a baby to get rid of the t.o. The comment he made about them being of low class was to my estimates a correct one. Any time a NFL record is broken or you move into the ranks of the NFL elite and i dont care who the player is some type of recgonition is warrented. Dont you agree. and that is what this is really about. the eagles didnt like t.o's behavior so they didnt show him the respect he deserved for being one of six players in the nfl history to score 100tds. so what did he do. call them out on that. so he gets suspended. conduct detrimental to the team. what i say is that they had a slave they couldnt control so get rid of him. our feelings are hurt. Just sounds like a conversation two high school girls would have not millionaire players aruging with billioniare owners. Not the tough guy image of the nfl. all i can say is that it is wrong. wrong of the eagles and there stupid senstive owner who doenst care about the real problem and that is that his team sucks with out t.o


A couple/three points. First, the way I heard the story, Owens didn't beat up Douglas, I heard that there were some wild swings on both sides that didn't connect, and then the two men were separated. Here is a link:

If you have something else, let us know.

As for Owens being a great football player, no disagreement. But winning in football depends on team chemistry, and Owens is not a team player. I think the Eagles are coming to the same conclusion that the 49ers came to, that they are better off without Owens, in spite of his impressive talents.

But we will see. Given that you think Owens' behavior problems are no big deal and that the Eagles are overreacting, I am sure you also think that some other team will be sure to throw him a big, multi-year contract. I think the best he will do will be a one or two year contract, and it certainly won't be for "best player in the NFL" kind of money. Let's see who knows more about football.

how about them cowboys

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