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Jeff Bull

A decent point, I suppose, but you're glossing over a crucial distinction. oe Wilson certainly exagerrated his centrality to the case, but he turned out to be correct in substance. What made the Plame Affair so odious was the motivation behind the leak - it was just gutter politics and with no higher intention than distracting from that reality.

The "black facility" leak serves a different purpose: it seeks to expose reality, to point to an ongoing, controversial practice that would otherwise have no means of reaching the public.

Motive matters, especially when your talking about the fundamental definition of whistle-blowing.

(One other thing: I'm one of those people who often refers to the whole thing as "L'Affair Plame." That came 1) out of a background in history ("L'Affaire Dreyfuss) and 2) an objection to affixing the suffix "-gate" to the end of every scandal; Watergate was called "Watergate" because that was the name of the hotel. Still, the funny thing is, it never occured to me to call the whole thing "The Plame Affair." Yeah, it's obvious, but I never made the jump. Thanks. That does make more sense.)


Jeff Bull:

Okay, if this one won't do it, how about the story in the NYT a few months back, that outed "Aero Contractors" as front company that was really the CIA's dedicated airline (with pictures of the tail markings of the aircraft). There were real operational details in the story, but narry a whimper from those folks who pretended to great concern over national security with respect to La Affair Plame (I will try it out for a while, see how it fits).

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