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Bork was a conservative law professor turned circuit judge. Lifetime Supreme Court voting record: zero majority opinions, zero concurrences, zero dissents.

Some of the problem with the current Court is that it's full of prima donnas who won't just concur, but have to write their own opinions -- 10 from 9 Justices on one day to explain why the Ten Commandments are constitutional in Texas but not Kentucky. Liberal and conservative law professors have something in common -- they think they're God's gift to mankind and of unique and precious insight that must be shared on every case.

Nobody on this Court has met a payroll or run a business. Nobody on this Court has picked a jury. This is a Court that lives in Cloud Coo-Coo Land (except for when Scalia descends to go duck hunting with Cheney). This is a Court that can blithely overturn the entire sentencing schemes for all state and federal courts with a flick of the pen, and figure, "Well, we'll clear up any problems that causes next Term."

We need no more philosopher-kings on the Court. Bless his heart, I think John Roberts realizes how narrow his career has been -- he's been doing something functionally indistinguishable from moot court almost his entire career, hasn't he? (except during the Reagan Administration) -- and he's an improvement, but far from the cure.

O, ye of little faith. Take heart. Or at least don't pee on your friends' pants legs.


Hi Beldar, thanks for stopping by.

I don't disagree with hardly anything you said about the detached nature of the present court. I also don't think it would hurt to have someone up there with some "real world" legal experience (although last time I checked, there wasn't a jury box at the Supreme Court). But, as I hope I made clear in my post, I don't have any problems with Ms. Miers' resume. The problem I have, basically, is that I don't know if she is a conversative.
As for keeping faith, as the man said "there's the rub". After the drug bill and the highway bill and McCain Feingold and our current efforts to turn Iraq into a Jeffersonian Democracy, I am not sure how much faith I have left.


I'm not a lawyer or judge, but I thought the Supreme Court is there to uphold the Constitution and not legislate as they seem prone to do lately. Are they not suppose to interpret the law and not make law?

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