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Roppongi Six

Semper Fi,
Was reading up on Steve Bozak and found my way to your blog. Good luck,
Roppongi Six, USMC, 0302, 98-04

Doc Rampage

I just had a long argument over this same thing with my boss...

boss: Copying software is exactly the same as stealing.

me: No it's not... (explanation of the difference you pointed out).

boss: It's exactly the same as stealing!

me: I just pointed out a difference.

boss: That's not a difference

me: You don't think it would harm you more if I took your car away from you than if I just duplicated it?

boss: It's exactly the same as stealing!

Had a similar argument with my father just a couple of years ago. The moral is: the media companies are winning the propoganda war. Stands to reason. They own the medium of propoganda, after all...


I'll to research more in this site.. i like it..

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