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Tony Iovino

I'm a married-two kids-conservative suburban Republican and I would really object to losing my gay friends to a forced move.

How about we just exile stupid celebrities? I've seen lists of actor's "educational resumes"-- most barely have a high school degree. How about we send them to a state that enjoys the same respect for education as they do-- Mississippi?

Tell them they can't leave even for a weekend until they can spell the state name-- Cher, and Gwyneth and Rosie will be there for years!


It would certainly solve the problem if we just re-located the celebrities. However we don't want to be too tough on the great state of Mississippi (the wife is from one of those states where they still talk about "The War of Yankee Agression", so I have to be careful about stuff like that).

How about France? A lot of the Hollywood types are always promising to move there anyway. Maybe we can think of something to encourage the rest.


Why do I feel no sadness when a communist celeb threatens to leve the country if a conservative is elected???Why would I feel no sorrow if they did leave???Simple Answer: I want them to leave.I wish all those liberal celebrities would move to Cuba.That way we won't have to worry about them or the ridiculous movies they make.Hopefully,Sarah Palin will get elected and Hollywood will become a ghost town when all the commie movie stars leave.

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