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Bruce Wood

Umm, Roscoe, isn't this the sort of ad the McCail-Feingold Atrocity was meant to forbid within 60 days of an election?


"I pledge allegiance to the rights that made and keep me free. I will preserve and defend those rights for all who live in this; the country founded on the belief and principles that those rights are inalienable and essential to the pursuit and preservation of life, liberty, and happiness." B.E.Wood


Woody, this ain't a soft money Moveon ad, this is hard money DNC.


Halliburton only means anything to the fringe leftie lunatics that provide cash and adrenalin to the campaign. That's the only reason they could be whining about it. Actually, I wish they would whine about that nonsense until election day.

Bruce Wood


One can hardly read the box at the end where whomever paid for the ad claims it.

I just love how the Democrats filter everything through a bovine sphincter.


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