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You make me sick! Today, my next door neighbor asked me if my Purple Heart was leget. By questioning Kerry's medals you put every Purple Heart, every Bronze Star and every Silver Star in question. If Kerry could do it... we could all have done it. I think you guys are guilty of treason. How dare you question my medals! And that's what you have done.
Tell me this; are your awards real? Can you prove it? Should you have to?


Are they legit?


I just finished "Unfit for Command". A very well documented book. Kerry now has his crack pot researchers investigating the swiftvets and is going to make a try at dishonoring them for a third time in any manner he can. Kerry won't answer the charges with facts about the charges, he'll just try to destroy the credibility of the men that served our country with honor.

I wonder how many POW's got to hear Kerry's 1971 senate speach and never got to return home. I pray that the men that are fighting now for our freedom and security right now don't end up with a Commander in Chief that provided such good propoganda for our enemies 35 years ago.

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