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Congrats! Your comment section finally works.

Unfortunately, the "truth" on your blog is still broken.

Does he really mean that all 250 "members" "served with John Kerry" and
"knew him well" - because that's what he's saying and I find that tough to believe, especially the "knew him well" part.

Moreover, to say that they "served with him" when none of them were on either of the two boats he commanded - especially when the men who were on those two boats have an entirely different assessment of Kerry - underscores that these are merely paid partisan attacks.

More importantly, you really seem to be enjoying this. What I see is decorated and distinguished veterans bloodying themselves anew over a divisive war from 30 years ago, while a veteran of the Champagne Unit sits back and contemplates the next location where he will send young Americans to die for his "nation building" fetish.
And don't give me that "Kerry started it by invoking his service" stuff, he had little choice with Bush so tightly wrapped in the flag of cynical 9/11 exploitation.


Quibbler - The Admiral is not saying that all 250 members of his organization knew John Kerry, nor is he saying that none of them served on the same boat. No one says that, you are apparently making it up.
And are these guys "paid partisan hacks" or are they "decorated and distinguished veterans"? Or are you just playing with words?
As to whether I am enjoying myself, why else do you think I am running this blog? It certainly isn't for the money.
Finally, nice of you to write. Come back, y'hear?


You are involved in a pathetic effort


Well, John, that was sure a powerful argument, well supported by facts. Why do you bother commenting if that is all you have to say?

N. gleason

I'm thinking that the SBVT is a group pathetic vets who are writhing in guilt over their involvment in unsavory,illegal activities during the Viet Nam war. Get the help you need and move on,for God's sake! A person who served honorably
would not involve himself in the trashing of a
fellow vet,unless he was ashamed of his own behavior!
George W. Bush's illegitimate reign has really caused some people to act desperately!


Mr. Gleason's comment is a textbook example of the logical fallacy known as ad hominem (abusive), which is to avoid having to respond to the assertion with either facts or logic, and just call people names.
I guess the only appropriate response is to tell Mr. Gleason that I think he is ugly and his mother dresses him funny.

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