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You are right on with this one. The irony is that in reality it goes against standard practises in other disciplines. Unversities train professional. Such as Lawyer's Doctors Therapist Journalist Business Major's all of who are encouraged to obtain real world experience for which they are compensated. ie interships. On area in which the althetic professional needs proficincey skill in is money management and contract negotiations. Not only do the universities not help them acquire this real world experience but the also deny then the opportunity to get it on their own. This type of organization (NCAA)does not belong in our democratic society. It is a hangover from the days when only the elite had access to higher education. NCAA says that as students they can not be professionals. Why then are coaches not afforded the same academic priviledges and protections as other educators at universities. At UNLV tapes of student teacher interactions were made without the consent of either. Try doing that to a law or political science professor. In what other discipline are the professors punished for assisting their student from acheiving the highest level of performance they can. If they cannot work at what they are training to be, or what they are good at, they should not be denied the common courtesy of having a local person invite them to lunch or super on occassion. No one ever checks to see if anyone is giving any other intern a free lunch. In fact in happens often. I think it is time to throuw out the NCAA and start again based on the policies and practices which apply to all professors and students.

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