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I certainly enjoy the argument that “John Kerry’s Speach in the swiftvet’s ad, “Soldout", is taken out of context.” I guess the North Viet Cong took the speach out of context when they played it back to our POW’s. The Kerry Campaign can’t argue the substance of the ad, all they can do is uncover the “web of connection” to the Bush campaign. I wonder what kind of Webs there are between the DNC and I wonder what Jimmy Carter and Michael Moore were talking about sitting next to each other at the DNC convention?

Kerry hasn’t answered any of the claims the swifties have made himself. He could very easily end this controversy by releasing all of his military records. He has his surrogates making ridiculous arguments trying to attack the credibility of swift vets.These men were dishonored by Kerry in 1971 and they have every right to speak up now. God Bless them.

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